Making a Difference Program

Make a difference by raising awareness

Our nonprofit, Beyond the Label, exists to raise awareness and funds to place AAC boards throughout the community—to increase this area’s inclusivity as much as possible. The mission of our Making a Difference program is twofold: it raises funds for Beyond the Label, and gives local businesses and opportunity to recognize kids making a difference by doing great things in our community. Inclusion is important, and that’s why Making a Difference exists.

April 2022

Meaghan Mullenax

Nominated by Fidget Pockets

May 2022

Jackson Wells

Nominated by Lessons by Lexe

June 2022

Ben Schulze

Nominated by Dr. Raber

July 2022

Tess Martinez

Nominated by Dutch Bros

August 2022

Isabelle Brown

Nominated by Exerplay

September 2022

Sean Pfister

Nominated by Wylanta Jones

October 2022

Christian Lujan

Nominated by Dynamic Sounds

November 2022

Camryn Conrad

Nominated by Brooke Photography

December 2022

Ryan Stamper

Nominated by
Dr. Raber Pediatric Dentistry

January 2023

Jackson Hull

Nominated by
Dr. Raber Pediatric Dentistry

February 2023

Liz Story

Nominated by
Swirl Top

March 2023

Nicole Miller

Nominated by
Flour Stone Bakery

April 2023

Joseph Molasky

Nominated by FidgetPockets

May 2023

Declan Boggs

Nominated by Summit 4×4

June 2023

Taylynn Eisenhower

Nominated by Kid Abilities

July 2023

Lilly Eckles

Nominated by Dutch Bros

August 2023

Liam McLouglin

Nominated by Lessons by Lexe

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