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AAC Communication Devices - Communication for all

AAC Communication devices, sometimes called speaker boards or communication boards, can increase communication opportunities for those who use nonverbal communication, helping them “talk” with others at home, at school, and in the community. It’s about connections – not just for people using AAC devices, but for everyone.

At Beyond the Label, we’re on a mission to make our community as inclusive as possible for everyone, especially for those who use nonverbal communication. Through our Making a Difference Program, we raise funds to place AAC boards in public places (so far we’ve placed them at Prescott/Prescott Valley Dutch Bros., at several parks, and soon, at the Prescott Regional Airport).

We offer training and certification for folks who want their organizations to be inclusive of those who are non-verbal. Our goals through this training and all future training are to increase connections, improve effective communication for everyone, and eventually see AAC devices placed in every theme park – even Disneyland.

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