Our nonprofit, Beyond the Label, exists to raise awareness and funds to place AAC (communication) boards throughout the United States, starting with our Prescott community.

It is our goal to increase this area’s inclusivity as much as possible allowing Prescott to be the model for every community.  

Making a Difference

Making a Difference raises funds for Beyond the Label and gives local businesses an opportunity to recognize and support all kids making a difference by doing great things in our community.

Better Together

We believe everyone deserves a voice, and that’s why we partner with local organizations and locations to increase community awareness and inclusion of the wonderfully unique things that make each of us special. 

Fidget Pockets

FidgetPockets is the clothing company that our young adults with autism created. They design hoodies with fabric-lined textured pockets!

Sales from Fidgetpockets help fund Beyond The Label and its mission too!

AAC Devices

AAC Communication devices, sometimes called speaker boards or communication boards, can increase communication opportunities for those who use nonverbal communication, helping them “talk” with others at home, at school, and in the community. It’s about connections – not just for people using AAC devices, but for everyone.

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