Our Story

Our names are Ben and Keagan aka, Eenie and Oodie. Our family nicknames. We grew up with many fond ones, peanut, pumpkin and so forth, but Eenie and Oodie just kind of “stuck.” We do things a little different than most , we type to talk , not just when we text, but all the time! We have food allergies to everything, it’s crazy! Not to mention that we have the ability to hear like Superman . The wind can sound like a tornado sometimes! We also love basketball, rock music, and meeting new people. This can make things tough when your trying to make new friends. We needed something to help us relax, like, when people chew on straws or their finger nails, so we designed pocket fidgets! They help us chill when we feel overwhelmed, anxious or just plain bored. They aren’t loud, noisy or a distraction so adults like them too! Try one yourself and pass the love along! Let’s help each other relax!!