Behind the scenes, our family has been working to develop a new program that we are proud to say will finally be implemented in the coming weeks!

This program, which we named, There’s Only One YOU: Make a Difference, began after a family conversation where we discussed what we wanted to do with our lives. Our goals needed to encompass the things we loved, were good at, and those things we wanted to do better. We took time to observe what others were doing, both in our family and out in our community. How were others living out their dreams and goals? Collectively, we talked it out. We decided ultimately what we wanted to do was make a difference in others’ lives. We have personally felt the pain and loneliness of having others misunderstand our intentions and abilities or the frustration of not being able to communicate our needs, wants, and ideas.

The answer was in front of us all along. We want to teach others about the many different ways humans use to communicate. And we want people who use AAC devices to feel welcome to the conversations going on around them. We broke it down, and agreed if adults can do this so can kids! No limits! So began the structuring and foundation of our Make a Difference program.

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