We have had so many fun adventures sharing our Fidgetpockets. One of our favorites was meeting Temple Grandin, Larry King, Joe Mantegna (Rossi). We were invited to attend a gala in Beverly Hills for a fundraiser.
The fundraiser was organized by one of our friends Joanne Lara founder of Autism Movement Therapy. In her lifetime Joanne helped many individuals with autism learn what is necessary to get their dream jobs. She has provided resources, taught skills, and believed in the potential of young adults with autism.
The theme of the gala was “A Seat at the Table.” We were now trying to start our own business. That’s exactly what she did – she offered us one of our first “seats at the table.” We are so grateful.
Sadly our dear friend passed but you can learn more about Joanne here: http://autismworksnow.org/joanne-lara/
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